Anonymous: Que cámara tienes en este momento?

Una Cámara Nikon d 300 s

riveraphoto: hola, acabo de ver tu tumblr que encontre en la revista INDIGO y me gustaria preguntate como le hacer para subir tus fotos aqui y que no se las roben??

No tengo idea si me han robado alguna foto, de seguro sí, la verdad no es algo que me preocupe :)


I don´t have too much to say about my work.
I live to portrait life and things that live in it.

I choose my shots according to what I consider
representative to me in life itself.
Anything, whether it means something to me or not,
I have the certainty that it will represent something to someone else.

Is all about what I feel and what moves me,
about knowing what´s going to happen if I´m able to guess what will happen next.

That way for everything, for everything that happen, every problem and every trend that is about to start